Mediation is a voluntary and confidential process whereby the disputants work with a neutral professional who facilitates a conversation between the parties and/or helps them to resolve the matter. A mediator can provide the parties with information, but not legal advice. A mediator does not represent either party. Mediation allows the parties to maintain the most control over how the process will work for them.

Below are some typical matters which can be effectively handled through mediation:

Divorce: A lawyer mediator can prepare the Separation Agreement for the parties. This document must be filed with the Court in order for the parties to get divorced.

Marital mediation: A lawyer mediator can assist the parties in developing a post-nuptial agreement.

Post-divorce matters: Issues involving modifications of child-related issues such as education, support, custody and/or alimony.

Unmarried parties separating:  Assisting the parties in developing a framework for child-related and other issues resulting from the separation.

Mediation can also effectively be used to resolve real estate and landlord tenant matters. Attorney Runge is experienced in resolving all of these forms of disputes through the mediation process. She is also the former Coordinator of Court and Divorce Mediation Services at a local community mediation program and is a Vice President of the Massachusetts Council on Family Mediation.

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couple with mediator

"Cindy was extremely responsive and made extra time and effort for us to help try to meet our timeline. She really cared and it showed! We are so appreciative of her commitment and flexibility." — Mediation Client

"My ex-wife and I hired Cyndy to be our mediator and to draft our separation agreement. Throughout the process, she was professional and worked diligently to make sure that all the things we wanted in our agreement were there...even taking a conference call on a Sunday afternoon! She helped us work through any issues we had and always kept our daughter as the priority in our discussions. My overall experience was great." — Mediation Client

"Working with Cynthia Runge was a pleasure despite the circumstances under which we met. It almost goes without saying that divorce is a complicated and emotional process. Having a professional and compassionate mediator like Cynthia made my experience bearable. She worked with both my ex and myself to make sure that we were each being heard and understood, and she made sure that both of our needs were being addressed. Ms. Runge used our meeting time judiciously, and was always available by phone or email to answer questions when needed. If you find yourself in circumstances that require mediation, I wholeheartedly endorse Ms. Runge, and thank her for making a difficult task in my life that much more bearable."
—Mediation Client

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