Although most cases can be resolved through a dispute resolution process, some cases are unable to be resolved short of litigation. In these situations, a Judge will make the decision for you.

The following are examples of matters which can be litigated in the Probate & Family Court: 

• divorce: contested and uncontested;
• alimony;
• child custody;
• parenting plans;
• child support;
• children’s education and college;
• health insurance; and
• modifications. 

Even if you begin with litigation, most cases can be resolved short of a full-blown trial. Contact me to discuss the particular facts of your case so you can decide which process is right for you.

"After researching and interviewing many lawyers, I chose to hire Cynthia Runge as my divorce attorney. In my opinion, Cynthia Runge is a highly dedicated and compassionate attorney who has worked to maintain a strong client/lawyer relationship during our divorce process. She was quite accessible — quick to respond to messages and often picked up the phone right when I called. She listened and considered my case carefully and was willling to take me on as a client late in the game. She quickly understood my needs (and those of my children), and prioritized them to ensure that the most optimal outcome she can hope to deliver was attained. She is very astute; during negotiations with my spouse and his lawyer, she perceived quickly where openings for discussions and compromise lie. She gave me strength when I needed to move through certain difficult roadblocks. She will hear your needs, take suggestions, and make sure you understand and agree to all the final documents. I highly recommend her when hiring an attorney for your divorce process." — Divorce Client

“Cindy is also very thorough — at each court appearance and settlement meeting, we were well prepared with documentation to validate each of my arguments and discredit those of my former spouse. I also felt that we worked together as partners in my case: she listened and answered every question/concern that I had; we discussed each issue and response until I was comfortable. In sum, I was confident that Cindy truly represented my interests and the best interests of my children.” — Divorce Modification Client

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"Attorney Runge handled my divorce. She was professional, thorough, and left no stone unturned. She kept me informed throughout the process so that I could make the best decisions under difficult circumstances. Needless to say, she was also eloquent in the courtroom. I would recommend her to anyone I know going through a divorce." — Divorce Client

"Ms. Runge is extremely professional at all times. I am grateful to her for working so hard to make my divorce expedient and favorable for me. I couldn’t be more happy or satisfied..." — Divorce Client

I especially appreciated Attorney Runge’s insight into the ways the emotional and legal sides of divorce are intertwined, and her understanding of divorce as a process. — Divorce Client

"Cynthia Runge has all of the qualities a client wants and needs in a family law attorney. She's caring, strategic, hard-working, knowledgeable, thorough, and a good communicator. And also, a "lawyer's lawyer." — Colleague

"Cindy is a thorough, competent attorney with a keen eye for detail. She provided valuable advice and provided clear, honest direction. She always had my best interests in mind and respected my opinions as to desired course of action." — Divorce Client

"Cindy was ready to do whatever was necessary including connecting me to other professionals, prepping for trial, and leading numerous negotiations...I cannot recommend Cindy highly enough and would seek out her help should the need arise in the future (though I hope to never see her in that capacity again!). — Divorce Client

"Cynthia is a professional, she listened, advised and advocated. I feel she drove the process and provided the solution I was anticipating." — Divorce Client

"My choice of Cynthia for my legal case was a great decision because in the end she did not disappoint me. She listened intently and patiently to my concerns. She spoke so confidently and in such a soft, gentle and humble way that I felt very much at ease and trusting. I had never been in court and did not know what to expect but her approach and explanations gave me an assurance of a good outcome, which made things easy for me. Through the process, she worked diligently updating me whenever necessary. I give Cynthia and her Firm an “A” and I will gladly recommend them to anyone looking for a family attorney that can work for them and produce excellent results." — Divorce Client

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