Limited Assistance Representation (LAR) is a form of representation where an Attorney represents or assists a litigant, with part but not all, of his or her legal matter. The attorney and client enter into a detailed agreement defining what tasks the attorney will be responsible for and what tasks the client will be responsible for. This form of representation can assist the client in keeping his or her legal costs down.

Attorney Runge has spoken on the topic of Limited Assistance Representation (LAR) and trained other attorneys in LAR for the Massachusetts Bar Association. She is committed to offering alternatives so that clients can obtain legal representation in a way that best meets their needs.

"Cindy was referred to me by a mediator I had worked with for my divorce agreement (my ex-husband and I filed our divorce by ourselves). Originally, I asked her to represent me at my Hearing as I wasn’t able to attend it and didn’t want the procedure to take further time. I was impressed with her prompt, thorough review on my divorce paperwork and suggestions for different options. Cindy inspired confidence from the first introduction. She will not tell you only what you want to hear and will give you the reality of the situation along with suggestions, pros and cons so that you can make the best possible decision. In the end, her help was beyond just representing me at the Hearing. I am very appreciative of all her help in getting my divorce resolved within the timing of the Hearing and for her valuable advice throughout this painful process. I highly recommend her!"
— LAR Client

"Cindy helped me not only to understand the nature of divorce negotiations and the possible tactics used in them, but was also very supportive throughout this protracted ordeal. She attended a long and contentious mediation session with my spouse and his lawyer—helping to protect me and work towards a fair outcome."
— LAR Client

"Cynthia Runge assisted me via Limited Assistance Representation (LAR) while I was in the process of filing a Motion for Contempt following a contentious divorce. She was extremely effective. She was a thorough, strong, and calming presence and quite good at managing the process. She was able to manage a dialog with my former spouse, which helped us to move the matter towards resolution. I was very impressed with her and would seek her counsel again, should the need arise."
— Client Filing Complaint for Contempt

"I had an excellent experience with Cynthia. She is knowledgeable and capable. More than that she was sympathetic and supportive in a very difficult time. She was able to keep me moving through the process with gentle encouragement and optimism. She was sensitive to the dynamic between myself and my former spouse such that we were able to emerge from the process in an amicable state. When we needed to be firm in the negotiations she was able to represent me without creating animosity. I also appreciated that she billed me in a fair and honest way such that I did not feel I was being taken advante of at a vulnerable time. I recommend her highly and without reservation." — LAR Client

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