Portrait of Cynthia Runge MY FOCUS IS ON family law, divorce mediation, and collaborative law. I believe that family law is the most important and rewarding area of law in which a lawyer can practice. Divorce is a life-changing event, which forces you to look at who you are, and what you want from life. Whether you are going through a divorce, or another serious family law matter, you need experienced, skilled, and compassionate representation to help you navigate the process.

I would be pleased to speak to you about your particular situation, so that you can decide for yourself which process is right for you. Appointments are available in Woburn as well as Boston.

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Cynthia helped me with my divorce over the span of 7 months. Divorces can be very tough to get through, and in those situations you want to be able to trust your lawyer, feel confident in their ability, and know they will get you through to the other side in one piece. Cynthia lived up to all those expectations for me. She explained the process to me as many times as I needed, she guided me through every step, she looked out for me when I ready to throw in the towel just to have the whole process be over with. What resonated most for me during that tough stage in my life was that she was professional, level-headed, patient, and extremely supportive throughout the whole. I would highly recommend Cynthia for her compassion and competence.
— Divorce Client

Cindy is a hardworking, professional, and reliable person. She is also very emphatic and detail-oriented. She guided me through the divorce process and made it less painful. I felt very understood and comfortable working with her. I highly recommend her.
— Divorce Client